• Frequently Asked Questions

    Soul Serial readers and writers must register for an account (i.e., become account holders).

    Account holders need to create an account name, and set a password. When registering for an account, you will need to provide your name, a valid email address, and a nickname or an alias. When posting on the Soul Serial site, we recommend you use your nickname or alias.

    Account holders are responsible for their own accounts, and therefore, can close their accounts at any time. When an account is closed, it will be deactivated for 90 days. During these 90 days, account holders will be able to activate their account if it was wrongfully or accidentally deactivated. After 90 days, the account will be permanently deleted.

    Writers own their story; they own all the rights to the content they create and post. Writers can remove their story whenever they want.

    Soul Serial uses cookies, tracking pixels and similar technologies to collect information to help diagnose problems and analyze trends. When using these technologies, Soul Serial does not collect personal information. Soul Serial does not combine the information it collects by these means with other personal information to tell us who you are or what your screen name or e-mail address is.

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    Submitted stories will be categorized, stored, and made “searchable.” New topics will be offered on a monthly basis. If you have a topic suggestion,
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