• About Us

    We are a bunch of longtime friends who missed hanging out with each other during the COVID-19 quarantine.

    With no physical access to family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, the mailman, the supermarket cashier, and all the others who make up our day – we thought about how much we missed these basic interactions.

    We wondered if the “isolation” led folks to think about themselves and others differently. We wanted to know how personalities and lives changed. We wanted to capture a slice of those changes.

    We decided to create a place where people could connect with others.

    Soul Serial was born!

    While life during COVID-19 was the initial thought, we asked ourselves “why stop there?”

    There is more to life than COVID-19. So, we expect to offer different topics as we proceed along this unknown journey.

    Remember that Soul Serial is a free platform. You are invited to read, write, and comment. Your submissions are your property. You own all the rights to the content you create and post on Soul Serial. Soul Serial does not own the rights to writers’ submissions.

    Soul Serial does not charge a fee; and will not release, sell, or rent users’ private information. It is a safe, inclusive, and respectful space to learn and to create.

    Editorial Advisors

    Joyce Chandran
    Jaquan Outlaw
    Susan Subramaniam
    Greg Sutcliffe